Timecounters and 5.2

Ken Smith kensmith at cse.Buffalo.EDU
Sun Jan 25 11:45:20 PST 2004

On Sun, Jan 25, 2004 at 11:03:10AM -0800, Doug White wrote:

> Taking a look at my system, this is where the ATA and firewire probe
> happens. I've had hangs here if interrupts are broken. Its likely that
> ACPI on your system has bogus routing information and this causes ATA to
> hang.

In case it helps at all, pluto2 (ia64 reference machine on the cluster)
might be doing the same thing.  For a kernel built Jan 22nd it
wedges right after the timecounter messages.  For a kernel built
Jan 20th it seems to boot fine.  The messages immediately after the
timecounter messages for a successful boot are the ATA-attached DVD

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