RFC: Weekly status update 17/01/04-23/01/04 (cvs-src summary)

Mark Johnston mjohnston at skyweb.ca
Sun Jan 25 00:31:08 PST 2004

This is a multi-followup that covers a few different things I got replies
on.  The question asked most was, essentially, "How did you decide what to
rate where?"  The answer is "Arbitrarily", but I'll be tuning the process
up next week, mostly by looking at PRs closed as an indicator of how
important a commit was.

The most-requested addition was a link to the discussion thread/CVS commit
message.  I wasn't sure whether to add this initially, not knowing whether
it would be used, but it sounds like it's worth the extra work for the
number of people that would use it.

I also had some suggestions on things that could be included and easier
ways to publish - I'll be talking those over with Jonathan Sage and Matteo
Riondato, both of whom are working on reports as well.


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