ata0-raid oddness.

Julian Elischer julian at
Fri Jan 23 14:10:13 PST 2004

I just installed 5.2 on an AMD-64 based machine that has teh promise
319 ata-raid hardware (and the drives are attached to it).

the drives were set up as JBOD (Just a bunch of Disks)
so that they appear a 2 virtual disks each mapped directly over a single 
real disk..

teh intersting thing is that the real disks show up too..

so I have 2 names for each disk..
ad0 and ar0 ar etyhe same disk
and ar1 and ad1 are the same disk..

is this expected?

sysinstall presented me with all four drives as options even though
there are only 2 in the machine...

ad0 [ ]
ad1 [ ]
ar0 [ ]
ar1 [ ]

See? 2 extra disks for free :-)


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