5.2 on DELL m/c's

John Baldwin jhb at FreeBSD.org
Fri Jan 23 11:19:54 PST 2004

On Friday 23 January 2004 12:27 am, Muthu_T at Dell.com wrote:
> I had installed 5.2 Release on couple of Dell machines.
> It works fine on all the systems. (but some dhclient error messages
> thrown on console often).
> In older machines (like PE4300) it works only if we disabled ACPI.
> But in new machines (PE1750, PE1650) it works fine by default(with
> ACPI).
> All RAID and BroadCom network drivers are working fine.
> So if anything needs to be tested on Dell Machines please let me know.
> I will do it in my spare time.
> But I cannot install 5.2 via USB CDROM. Anybody have any ideas?

That last might have been fixed (workaround for a BIOS bug) after 5.2 was 
released.  There's not a workaround to make it work though.  What kind of 
problems do you have on the older machines with ACPI?

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