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Chip Norkus wd at
Thu Jan 22 21:48:32 PST 2004

On Thu Jan 22, 2004; 12:54PM +1100 Lachlan O'Dea propagated the following:
> I have exactly the same behaviour on a Dell PowerEdge 2500, including  
> progressive degradation as more processes get hung on filesystem  
> access. I don't need network activity to recreate it. Makewhatis at the  
> end of installworld in single user mode all on the same local partition  
> will hang forever on getblk. The find commands run by the daily cron  
> jobs almost always hang as well. It seems to be triggered by certain  
> patterns of filesystem use. Please see:

Let me throw in a 'me too' here.  I've had the same problem on 2650s and
1650s, if a process gets stuck in getblk/ufs states eventually the machine
will become almost unuseable and will require a reboot.  If a developer
wants to check this out I have a spare machine that can be used for
futzing, and I can provide serial console access.

> < 
> - -000A95DBB47C>
> and I believe this thread is discussing the same thing:
> <> (includes some DDB  
> output)
> I have DEBUG_LOCKS in my kernel, but I'm not really sure what to do  
> with it. I haven't heard of DEBUG_VFS_LOCKS before, I'll look into it.

'me too' here too. :/

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