Problems using Cordless MouseMan Optical.

Rolf Skaar rasgal at
Thu Jan 22 14:03:43 PST 2004

I report this problem, don't know it anyone have had this before,.

I have a Logitech Cordless MouseMan Optical that followed my keyboard in the same package, the reciver have a USB plugg and a ps/2 plug for the mouse, when using them in ps/2 mode i need to use an USB -> ps/2 adapter plug to connect the keyboard.

Cordless Mouseman Optical M/N: M-RR63
Cordless Keyboard M/N: Y-RJ20
picture of it:

when using the mouse in PS/2 mode it won't work properly when using it in X windows. That means you see the pointer, and when you move the mouse the pointer disapears and reappear some time later. 

But the issue is that this works perfect when i unload the ACPI module, why? i don't know. the problem certain has nothing to do with X i think.

i gwt the same problem using moused_... in rc.conf and in XF86Config directly.

maybe there is allready a solution on this?

thanx for this great project!

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