unstable aironet driver?

Jake Khuon khuon at NEEBU.Net
Thu Jan 22 17:51:22 PST 2004

### On Thu, 22 Jan 2004 06:06:34 -0500 (EST), Andre Guibert de Bruet
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### driver?":

AG> > I just tried upgrading the firmware and the kernel hangs so I downgraded
AG> > again.  I originally downgraded the firmware under 5.1R to get it to work in
AG> > the first place.  I've noticed a bunch of things that don't work like they
AG> > should with the miniPCI version of the 350.
AG> Did it hang on boot with the new firmware? If so, did you try booting with
AG> ACPI disabled?

Yes.  It hung on boot.  ACPI is explicitly enabled because it behaves badly
on my laptop.  Also, while I do seem to lockup/panic/crash/lose my interface
less with the latest kernel build (last updated this morning around
0500PST), it still does sometimes lockup and reboot.  I have also explicitly
disabled RFC3042 support in TCP via sysctl.conf.  I noticed that my last
lockup occurred when I tried to tcpdump.  I wonder if there's some bad
harmony going on between the aironet driver and BPF?

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