MFS question - FreeBSD 5.2-CURRENT

Rob MacGregor rob_macgregor at
Thu Jan 22 13:16:17 PST 2004

>From: Peter Jeremy <PeterJeremy at>
>Note that softupdates will not perform any physical writes for short-
>lived (say less than 30 seconds) files.

That's worth knowing - do you know how big the buffer is likely to be?  I'm 
thinking worst case of a 10 MB zip in an email, maybe expanding to 20 MB.

>All I can suggest is patching rc.d/sendmail to fix the permissions before
>starting sendmail.  If you don't want to patch this script, you could
>create another rc.d script that has something like "REQUIRE: mountall"
>and "BEFORE: sendmail".

Looks like it's an issue with the compat mode for older versions of 
mount_mfs.  Disabling the default of compat mode for being called as 
mount_mfs solves my problem.  I'll probably look to providing a patch that 
allows compat mode to be disabled at run time.

>If you want responses sent to the mailing list, you should set the
>Reply-To header to point to the mailing list rather than a random

If I only posted to one mailing list I would.  However I post to a number 
and I really doubt that this list wants to see the traffic for amavis-users 
etc :)  I'm just fed up of people paying no attention to the lines below and 
CCing me on everything - I've never found getting the same email twice to 
have any benefit.

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