Dead in the water - 5.2-Current Show Stopper

Jonathan T. Sage sagejona at
Thu Jan 22 12:10:43 PST 2004

running into responsivness issues with yestredays (and last sundays) 
-current.  the *only* log entry i see that is related is the following, 
which reads more like a symptom than a cause.  I'm out of ideas though, 
everything *looks* normal, but the network performance just dwindles away.

Jan 22 15:07:48 www sm-mta[698]: i0MJvrVi000698: SYSERR(root): collect: 
I/O error on connection from, 
from=<christen at>

(host name changes, but i get tons of these daily).

any ideas?  custom kernel, ata system, no raid, acpi works fine, ULE UP 


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