Undocked X31 oddity, might be ATA related.

Clive Lin clive at tongi.org
Thu Jan 22 06:21:19 PST 2004


    My new toy, an IBM X31, got an interesting problem on
-CURRENT. Everything is fine if docked. Leaving the docking station
makes everything crazy. Symptoms like: unable to shutdown -[hrp],
Fn-key freezes the machine, lid_switch freezes the machine.. etc.

    The only visible difference between docked and undocked is
presence of acd0. I slightly doubt the weirdness is related with ATA
code, but not sure. If the machine boots with docking station
(everything fine mode), and got docking station removed directly,
nothing is abnormal unless I hit this command: "atacontrol reinit 1."
It just freezes like booting without ultrabase and got lid closed, or
Fn-key touched.. etc. If the freeze happens, Ctrl-Atl-ESC will NOT
guide me to the kernel debugger.

    Verbose dmesg of docked and undocked are:

    In short, this machine will not be happy if undocked and got
FreeBSD 5.2-CURRENT installed. 4.9 is fine, but there's no project

    Any help, or guide is appreciated. I also would like to test
whatever patch.


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