Help diagnosing PCMCIA lockup

Dave Smith david.smith at
Thu Jan 22 03:11:23 PST 2004


I having been playing around with FreeBSD 5 for a while on a Compaq Presario
2143 laptop. 5.2 is looking good, the ACPI improvements are excellent, but
I still have one issue and I would like to help a skilled person diagnose
fix it, but I need pointers.

When I insert a PCMCIA card I get notification that the card has been found
and all looks good. However when I eject the card the machine locks hard,
but I can drop to the debugger.

What data should I collect once I get to the debugger? I am a long time
FreeBSD/Linux user but once it gets to the kernel debugging stage I am a
total newbie.

I would like to get this resolved and I am prepared to do the necessary to
diagnose the issues.

David Smith

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