PANIC: sent too much

Melvyn Sopacua freebsd-current at
Wed Jan 21 03:40:37 PST 2004

On Tuesday 20 January 2004 22:48, Jeffrey Hsu wrote:
>   > sometimes i got this panic
>   > with high load on network interfaces
> I fixed this in DragonFlyBSD months ago.  This is because you
> have the experimental Limited Transmit option turned on by default,
> something I do not recommend for FreeBSD because there is a subtle bug
> with that code when the connection is not congestion window limited.

This "Limited Transmit" option, is that configurable somewhere and does that 
work-around the bug (a quick grep tcp on sysctl -a doesn't yield something 

Seen this this morning while doing a `cvs -d/home/ncvs update src', logged in 
via ssh in a GENERIC kernel of 2004-01-10. This was via a chello Netherlands 
cable connection - an ISP famous for it's high bandwidth and equally high 
packet loss, so it fits the profile.

I'll try Andre's patch regardless, but if it doesn't work, it would be nice if 
there's an alternative (maybe mention that in UPDATING as well).

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