unstable aironet driver?

Jake Khuon khuon at NEEBU.Net
Wed Jan 21 00:19:26 PST 2004

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MW> I do not have a mini pci aironet but at least I can tell you
MW> those pcmcia cards do well with latest current.
MW> There was a firmware issue some time ago with a newer cisco
MW> firmware but it seems Doug fixed them at least the error
MW> messages disappeared (too small packet received or sth like that)
MW> so the problems seems to only exist on minipci cards.

I just tried upgrading the firmware and the kernel hangs so I downgraded
again.  I originally downgraded the firmware under 5.1R to get it to work in
the first place.  I've noticed a bunch of things that don't work like they
should with the miniPCI version of the 350.

MW> | Jan 19 06:53:20 Mocha kernel: Jan 19 06:53:20 Mocha dhclient: send_packet:
MW> | No buffer space available
MW> This looks as if your card is not associated and has to
MW> much data in its send buffer.

The card loses association and seems to simply go out to lunch.  Or maybe
the driver does.  I tried restarting dhclient to cycle through my media
settings but it never reassociates.  I also tried configuring the interface
manually with the same results.  I recently ported wmwave to wmairo and
looking at I notice some pecularities as well.  Things will be going fine
when all of a sudden, the channel will flip and the noise level will jump
from near zero to 50%.  Nothing short of a reboot will bring the card back
to life.  This phenomenon seems to occur when I'm sending packets.  I'm not
sure if it's high levels of traffic which trigger it or what.  It seems
really random.  Sometimes it will happen with very little traffic havig been
sent and other times I can be pushing a constant 50Kbps for a half-hour
straight (tested by scp'ing a big file) without anytihng happening.  I
thought that this might be related to the problem for which Jeffrey Hsu just
commited a an update but after just doing a cvsup and recompile of the
kernel, I still see the problem.

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