ipsec changes in 5.2R

Andrew Thomson andrewjt at applecomm.net
Tue Jan 20 17:53:58 PST 2004

I'm a little guilty as I upgraded my laptop from 5.0 to 5.2. So I'm
guessing things have changed a bit.

However I used to encrypt my wireless connection using IPSEC. Since the
upgrade, things no longer work.

My firewall is a 4.9p1 host which is at the other end of the IPSEC VPN
and wireless link.

I previously used the following ipsec.conf to get things going (these
are from the firewall, obviously the reverse [out/in] is applied to my
laptop).[any][any] any
        in ipsec
        spid=5 seq=1 pid=1409
        refcnt=1[any][any] any
        out ipsec
        spid=6 seq=0 pid=1409

Now when I have those setkey entries enabled on my laptop, I can't even
ping my own host (

Both tcpdump and ipfw add 100 log ip from any to any shows nothing on my
wireless link..

Not sure why this has now stopped working.. Any clues?


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