Panic with snd_cmi and snd_emu10k1

Mathew Kanner mat at
Tue Jan 20 11:12:57 PST 2004

On Jan 20, Eirik Oeverby wrote:
> Hi!
> I think I just made a mistake, checking out and compiling a
> soon-after-release -CURRENT sourcetree .. With the result that both
> sounddrivers I try to load cause a panic. Since I'm on my workstation
> right now, I'm not able to do any kind of debugging, but I will see if
> the problem is reproducable on my laptop at home.
> In the meantime, has anyone else seen this, and is this a known problem?

	Last night I fixed a panic that only happens when you kldload
a sound driver after boot.  The panic was introduced only recently
(past few days).

> Any hints as to what I should do next (apart from rolling back to
> 5.2-RELEASE or waiting for the tree to fix itself)?

	Update to -current and if it panics again, send the message
and a traceback.  Without the panic message it's hard to even begin.


	If you optimize everything, you will always be unhappy.
			- Don Knuth

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