unstable aironet driver?

Jake Khuon khuon at NEEBU.Net
Tue Jan 20 03:39:55 PST 2004

I've been seeing what appears to be some instability with my aironet driver
since switching to 5.2-CURRENT.  I also did a recent checkout and recompile
and am still seeing it.  Every once in a while the card will simply
diasppear.  Other times the machine simply reboots under heavy network
activity without a single error message to syslog or console.  If I let the
machine just sit there for a few hours without much network activity aside
from random DHCP requests, I will eventually see something like:

Jan 19 06:53:20 Mocha kernel: Jan 19 06:53:20 Mocha dhclient: send_packet:
No buffer space available

Could I really be running out of mbufs?  I'm using kernel
autoscaling/autosizing.  I'm not certain all these incidents are related. 
They're certainly repeatable.  The hardware is an IBM ThinkPad T30 with a
Cisco 350 MPI (miniPCI) card.

	Hardware revision:      [ 00:ff ]
	Software revision:      [ 05:00 ]
	Software subrevision:   [ 00:01 ]
	Interface revision:     [ 00:00 ]
	Bootblock revision:     [ 01:59 ]

I know the information I have isn't very detailed.  If someone could point
me to better debugging techniques, that would be great.

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