question on mergemaster

Max Khon fjoe at
Mon Jan 19 21:29:34 PST 2004


On Mon, Jan 19, 2004 at 07:17:01PM +0100, Matteo Riondato wrote:

> > If the file exists only in /etc, ask whether to delete it.
> This means that mergemaster will everytime ask wether you
> want to delete rc.conf, fstab, and (may be) others file that
> you surely don't want to be deleted.

A list with files for which this question will not be asked with
reasonable defaults can be defined.
And I still do not like maintainer's approach to 'always-overwrite'
problem. I certainly do not want to delete /etc/rc.* (except /etc/rc.conf)
before running mergemaster -i so that he will not ask me whether
I want to update them.


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