Shuttle SB75G2

John Kennedy jk at
Mon Jan 19 19:09:38 PST 2004

On Sun, Jan 18, 2004 at 10:32:09PM -0800, John Kennedy wrote:
>   The system works well enough to load, boot and install 4.9 and 5.2.  I
> can't get it to stay up long enough to recompile the OS (dies during
> buildworld).  When the system dies, it tends to freeze or reboot.  Once, it
> looked like it may have double-faulted (haven't chased that one down yet).

  At this point, I'm sort of running low on suspects.  It really doesn't
seem to be FreeBSD since XP and Memtest86 can generate the same types of
results.  Memtest86 in particular probably doesn't use much of the rest of
the system.  XP has always hung, Memtest86 has always rebooted, and FreeBSD
has done both.

  I haven't been able to reproduce the double-fault (always solid locks or
reboots -- probably about 20+ times by now).  Taking out the memory sticks
one at a time seems to extend the time between crashes but doesn't
eliminate it.  Swapping video cards (and thus reducing power consumption)
doesn't fix it.

  In the process of playing with the memory they got reseated, of course.

  In addition to what I did before, I played with the BIOS IRQ settings
just trying to reset things.  I put it in ESCD (vs manual) mode and reset
the PnP data to no effect (probably not surprising because the only card I
have in it is the video card).

  Suggestions?  Already looking into RMA proceedings at this point.

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