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Garance A Drosihn drosih at
Mon Jan 19 11:49:08 PST 2004

At 1:34 PM -0600 1/19/04, Eric Anderson wrote:
>Here's my thoughts - first, you have to manually ask it to
>run -I, then you have to also put in the autoupdate
>line - if you mistype it, it just won't autoupdate,
>it will prompt.

Note that there were two different proposals.  The "optimistic"
one, and the "pessimistic" one.  My concerns about streamlining
were related to proposal described as:

      The optimistic way to do this would be to have some
      sort of switch to mergemaster to tell it to go into
      autoupdate mode, and it will only ask for files that
      contain a "negative magic" like:
      # mergemaster noautoreplace

This is easier to implement than the pessimistic one, IMO, but
it also comes with a greater risk.  I don't like that risk.

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