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Eric Anderson anderson at
Mon Jan 19 08:20:59 PST 2004

rihad wrote:

> Hi. I was wondering if there are any improvements planned to be made to
> mergemaster? After today's cvsup I had to sit and keep pressing either
> "q" (to break out of the pager) or "i" to accept the new file. This *is*
> boring, considering there seemed to be no end to them and I eventually
> killed mergemaster, because I had started to get nervous and make silly
> typos :). It's just my toy home machine and there's only few files under
> /etc that I care about, and these mergemaster doesn't touch anyway (like
> fstab, rc.conf etc). Wouldn't it be great if one could add the "assume
> yes" flag so that it overwrites without prompting (like gentoo's
> etc-update does when you ask it). Currently I came up with this dirty
> hack to save myself from hundreds of confirmations, it kind of worked:
> # ( echo d; while :; do echo -e "q\ni"; done ) | mergemaster -i
> Is such an "no-prompt" option considered important enough to be
> integrated RSN or am I missing some obvious and convenient usage pattern
> everyone know about?
> Thanks in advance and sorry if this is a bit offtopic.

A few days ago an email was sent to this very list mentioning that major 
changes to the rcng stuff was going to happen - the suggested path for 
quick mergemastering was something like:
rm /etc/rc.d/*
mergemaster -i

That would have made you a happy FreeBSD'er.. :)


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