watchdog timeouts

sos at sos at
Mon Jan 19 02:33:15 PST 2004

It seems Michael L. Hostbaek wrote:
> I just got a 3C575 PCMCIA card for my laptop, running a week old
> -CURRENT.. Whenever transferring files from the laptop to another host
> I'll see this error in my log:
> Jan 16 20:05:12  kernel: xl0: watchdog timeout
> And sometimes accompanied with these:
> xl0: transmission error: 90
> xl0: tx underrun, increasing tx start threshold to 120 bytes
> And transfer speed will drop significantly (from 6-7MB/s to 200-300Kb/s)
> - unplugging the card and inserting it again will fix the problem.
> Any ideas ? 

This hasn't worked in ages, get another pccard netcard as I dont think
there is any hope for getting this fixed...


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