Hang when probing for CDROM during boot with recent ata(4) code

sos at deepcore.dk sos at deepcore.dk
Sun Jan 18 10:38:42 PST 2004

It seems Alexandre Sunny Kovalenko wrote:
> "Simon L. Nielsen" <simon at FreeBSD.org> wrote:
> > The laptop is an IBM Thinkpad R40 with a CDRW/DVD drive.  I think I saw
> > somebody notice the same problem with a Thinkpad T40 a few days ago.

> >     Master: acd0 <UJDA740 DVD/CDRW/1.04> ATA/ATAPI rev 5
> >     Slave:       no device present

>     Master: acd0 <UJDA740 DVD/CDRW/1.20> ATA/ATAPI rev 5
>     Slave:       no device present

Yeah that drive is broken as it responds to some commands as both
master and slave. Crappy HW like that needs workarounds...

> Last thing before hang with verbose boot (not necessary releated) is:
> (probe0:ata0:0:0:0) error 22
> (probe0:ata0:0:0:0) Unretryable error
> (probe1:ata0:0:1:0) error 22
> (probe1:ata0:0:1:0) Unretryable error

Try without atapicam, that is not a supported config when reporting ATA
problems (or at least not if you want me to look at it)...


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