I can not boot my FreeBSD-5.2 partition, please help

Juan Rodriguez Hervella jfrherve at ing.uc3m.es
Mon Jan 19 04:51:07 PST 2004

On Friday 16 January 2004 20:54, John Baldwin wrote:
> On Friday 16 January 2004 04:52 am, Juan Rodriguez Hervella wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I've got a 40 GBytes hard disk on an old Pentium MMX 266 MHz.
> > The first time I plugged it into the motherboard my BIOS didn't recognize
> > the drive, but fortunately there is a jumper that reduces the size of the
> > disk to 32 GBytes, and that's enough for my BIOS at this moment.
> >
> > So I've got something like this:
> >
> > 10 GBytes for Windows 2000
> > 10 GBytes for Linux
> > 10 GBytes for FreeBSD-5.2
> >
> > The big problem is that the FreeBSD boot manager that I've
> > got installed on my MBR is only able to boot the Windows partition.
> >
> > So, for booting Linux I've got a 1.44 booting disk. How can I do the same
> > for booting the FreeBSD-5.2 partition ? Do I have other posibilities ?
> > Any help will be kindly appreciated, but not tell me "buy another hard
> > disk...buy another puter.....". I love my puter, ok ? (^--^)
> You need to enable packet mode in boot0 for it to work.  It should have
> done this automatically during install.  Try booting into the installer and
> using the disc2 live filesystem CD in the fixit menu.  You can then use
> boot0cfg off of the CD to try to see if packet mode is enabled.  If it's
> not, enable it and see if it works for Linux and BSD.

Hello, thanks for the info....

I hadn't realized of the "-o" option of boot0cfg.... I dont know if the
packet mode is enable...I guess it is not, because it doesn't work...
but anyway...I started to upgrade the system from FreeBSD-4.8
to FreeBSD-5.0, 5.1 and now 5.2

I think I haven't reinstalled the MBR since 4.8, that might be the
reason for not being installed in packet mode by default ?¿ I dunno.

Im a bit ashamed about what Im going to tell you....but as LILO was
executing my Linux partition w/o problems...I've just added a new 
entry for FreeBSD, so I'm using LILO right now....shit....

Now Im a bit tired of this stuff...so I can not tell you when I will
test boo0cfg + packet mode. I've had a lot of problems these
days with my puter....for example, I was always seeing my
CPU cooler stopped....so when I realized of it, I just touched it
a little bit...and it started working again...but it made a loud noise,
so...I thought...if the cooler is stopped and sometimes I dont realized
of it...and the computer works nice....I should get rid of it...

So I run my Pentium MMX w/o the cooler for 2 months...without problems..
These days I was trying to compile the FreeBSD kernel...and it
started to show me strange messages like:

"the gcc has crashed...segmentation fault...please repport this 

I made "make" again...and the second (or third) attemp.. it compiled...!!

Later....I started seeing strange panics....

Now I've got a new CPU cooler....and Thanks God...things start 
working at least...
(I was thinking that the problems were caused by the FreeBSD 
release ...lol)

Funny story...
(dont tell it to anybody else !)

bye....and thanks

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