HEADS UP! SiI3112 users please test!

Anders Odberg anders.odberg at usit.uio.no
Mon Jan 19 00:50:34 PST 2004

[Soren Schmidt]

|   I've just committed a bunch of changes to ATA that should make life
|   at least liveable for those that are cursed with a SiI3112A SATA
|   controller. The system will still report timeouts now and then
|   (you buy crappy HW you get crappy functionality) but it should now
|   be able to recover from the hangs and continue operation.
|   Please let me know how this works out for you, thanks!
|   PS: some of these changes might help people that have suspend/resume
|       problems so let me know about that as well...

On my Thinkpad A21e, resuming after suspend/hibernate (using APM) finally
works again, after having been broken since sometime in October. I guess it
was your recent ATA-changes that fixed this in my case.

Thanks a lot!

  Anders Odberg, <anders.odberg at usit.uio.no>
  Center for Information Technology Services
  University of Oslo, Norway

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