problems shutting down a dual p3 on 5.x

Jon Noack noackjr at
Sat Jan 17 16:51:06 PST 2004

On 1/17/2004 1:59 PM, Gerrit Kühn wrote:
> Hi folks,
> since I'm using the 5.x series (I tried DP2, 5.0, 5.1 and now 5.2) I have
> problems when shutting down my dual P3 server (MSI 694 Pro AIR mobo). 
> The problems varied over the different versions of FreeBSD: 
> Either there was a panic, or the machine got stuck after the first white 
> line of kernel messages ("shutting down vlrnu ok" or whatever that was), 
> or sometimes it even worked fine. When the machine got stuck there were 
> also different behaviours when pressing the power button in that state 
> (according to the BIOS it should switch of after 4s): Either switching off 
> after 4s, or blanking the screen at once and switching off after 4s, or 
> even shutting down correctly after 3-4s when releasing the power button 
> fast enough (otherwise it would switch off before having finished the 
> power-down process).
> My main problem with this that all file systems come up dirty after
> switching off in this "stuck" state.
> Can anyone with the same mainboard confirm these problems?
> I can post (verbose) dmesg and acpidump here if this helps in tracking down
> the problem, or put it on a webserver for downloading.
> cu
>   Gerrit

I have an Abit VP6 (same 694X northbridge) also running dual P3s.  I 
remember seeing this issue a while back (sorry -- I can't even remember 
if it was when the machine was running 4.9 or after I upgraded to 5.1). 
  I have definitely not seen it since I updated to 5.2-BETA (I am now 
running 5.2-RELEASE).


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