5.2-RELEASE: Possible bug in filesystem code?

Pete Carah pete at altadena.net
Sat Jan 17 06:29:51 PST 2004

I had observed many times over a long time two things:  
1. The background fsck can easily cause a panic with a disk-intensive 
process going on, and it has not seemed to depend on available space for me.  
I have disabled background fsck in rc.conf on *all* my systems because of 

2. The other source of a panic is if the background fsck detects a condition
which would cause the "preen" fsck to abort and give the "run fsck manually"
message at bootup, it (usually?) panics the system, usually with "freeing 
freed inode".  I can't think of how to handle this case any better; this 
is a "hobson's choice" condition :-(

-- Pete

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