sshd problem

freeb <at> t1 <dot> unisoftbg <dot> com freeb at
Sat Jan 17 01:43:46 PST 2004


I am very new to freeBSD (sorry).
I try to migrate from linux (I work with it in last 6 y) to freeBSD and
just make my first install (5.2).

I was able to configure my netadapter and have ping and dns working.

I selected also sshd to be able to connect to my freeBSD from remote.

If I try to connect from my linux ( also Windows) my freeBSD ask for
password and if I type it, the freeBSD continues to as for password
again and again.

After a little time I see in /var/log/messages:
sshd[480]: fatal : Timeout before authentication for

I tryed to connect from my freebsd to my linux using ssh without any

Pls., point me where to search the problem.
Also any additional docs about the freebsd will help.


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