FreeBSD 5.2 Released!

David W. Chapman Jr. dwcjr at
Fri Jan 16 12:36:11 PST 2004

On Fri, Jan 16, 2004 at 02:36:48PM -0700, Scott Long wrote:
> Hi,
> Have you posted a full log of the boot output?

I've posted about as much as I can see on the screen(provided in the 
url).  It completely locks(can't use scroll lock to look up) and I have 
no serial port so I cannot use remote debugging.  It never gets to a 
point where I can get at the log(fresh install).

I'm installing 4.9 now so I can try to boot a minimal 5.x kernel to 
see if I can find out what's causing it to lock up.

After I give that a shot I'll write down everything I see on the 
screen and post that if you think it will help.

David W. Chapman Jr.
dwcjr at	Raintree Network Services, Inc. <>

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