Panic with this morning's (~9am EDT, 15 jan 2004) sources.

Dag-ErlingSmørgrav des at
Fri Jan 16 11:58:13 PST 2004

"Robin P. Blanchard" <robin.blanchard at> writes:
> acquiring duplicate lock of same type: "filedesc structure"
>  1st filedesc structure @ /usr/src/sys/kern/kern_descrip.c:1377
>  2nd filedesc structure @ /usr/src/sys/kern/kern_descrip.c:1431

funny how I don't get that on my test box with WITNESS enabled...

but in any case I don't see what the problem is with having two
filedescs locked at the same time.

Dag-Erling Smørgrav - des at

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