SMP and one-process threads

Scott Long scottl at
Fri Jan 16 09:20:16 PST 2004

Joan Picanyol wrote:
> * Doug White <dwhite at> [20040116 17:41]:
>>Be careful.... FreeBSD doesn't currently schedule different threads of the
>>same program on different processors.
> Is this true no matter of scheduler/libmap.conf combination? Is it a
> planned/required feature?
> qvb
> --
> pica

Doug's statement was a bit too absolute.  The default threading package
is libc_r, which is purely a userland threading package and does not
allow threads to be scheduled on concurrent CPUs.  libkse does allow
this, and can be enabled be either linking directly to it, or using the
libmap.conf(5) facility.


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