Possible memory leak in XFree86

Andrew Kenneth Milton akm at theinternet.com.au
Fri Jan 16 06:47:06 PST 2004

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| I am cross-posting this to -current, since the problem is occuring in that 
| environment.


| What is happening is that the X server slowly allocates more memory until all 
| physical RAM and page space are allocated, and the pager starts killing off 
| processes, eventually killing the X server.


My X 4.3.0 Server under -current doesn't really go above 150M, I've got a
radeon, DRI enabled.  I also run xscreesaver and DPMS. I've never had it go
bananas like you're describing. I also run at a fairly high res (1920 x 1440).

drm0: <ATI Radeon If R250 9000> port 0xd800-0xd8ff mem
0xe7000000-0xe700ffff,0xe8000000-0xefffffff irq 11 at device 0.0 on pci1

I'm using Windowmaker and wdm, a combination of Mozilla and Opera for
browsing, both of which are resource hungry and buggy.
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