[PATCH] IPSec fixes

Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino itojun at itojun.org
Thu Jan 15 20:10:29 PST 2004

> I have built a HEAD kernel from this evening.
> crashing the kernel is more easy than booting it...
> So the big question at the moment is - why will it not happen if I
> remove the unlink call from the spdflush ? What am I missing ?
> If anybody has any more ideas please let me know; I will nost likely
> not find the time for more debugging until sat eve.

	the problem i have with the patch is, i have never experienced the
	symptom with NetBSD.  no panic at all, no funny "SPD entry go away
	when it has to stay" issue nor no "dangling pointer" issue.
	could you show me your script which panics your FreeBSD box?  i will
	try that on NetBSD-current box here.

	there could be some difference in NetBSD kernel code and FreeBSD due
	to KAME->*BSD merge timing, and FreeBSD could have pull in some source
	of instability (just my guess).


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