I can not boot my FreeBSD-5.2 partition, please help

Juan Rodriguez Hervella jfrherve at ing.uc3m.es
Fri Jan 16 01:52:38 PST 2004


I've got a 40 GBytes hard disk on an old Pentium MMX 266 MHz.
The first time I plugged it into the motherboard my BIOS didn't recognize
the drive, but fortunately there is a jumper that reduces the size of the
disk to 32 GBytes, and that's enough for my BIOS at this moment.

So I've got something like this:

10 GBytes for Windows 2000
10 GBytes for Linux
10 GBytes for FreeBSD-5.2

The big problem is that the FreeBSD boot manager that I've
got installed on my MBR is only able to boot the Windows partition.

So, for booting Linux I've got a 1.44 booting disk. How can I do the same
for booting the FreeBSD-5.2 partition ? Do I have other posibilities ?
Any help will be kindly appreciated, but not tell me "buy another hard
disk...buy another puter.....". I love my puter, ok ? (^--^)


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