Good BSD/Linux Article (somewhat off-topic)

Scott W wegster at
Thu Jan 15 21:15:40 PST 2004

Hey all, just wanted to share a link to an interesting article 
comparing/contrasting *BSD (primarily FreeBSD) and Linux, at

No affiliation, came across it on one of the bsd news a long 
time Linux user/admin/developer(pre-1.0 kernel), but dealing with 
Solaris and other *nixes pre-Linux, it's interesting to see someone else 
put to words some comments along the line of some of my 'close, but not 
quite completely thought out' thoughts, when I've tried to explain to 
co-workers and friends some of the reasons I've come to be less than 
thrilled with RedHat, yet really like Gentoo and FreeBSD.

Anyways, happy reading...


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