make -j 4 is really make -j 8 for buildworld?

Doug White dwhite at
Thu Jan 15 18:42:39 PST 2004

On Tue, 13 Jan 2004, Scott Long wrote:

> Gordon and I sat down in September and tried to track it down since it
> seemed to be related to building /rescue.  Unfortunately, we didn't seem
> to get anywhere.  Try building without /rescue and see if it makes a
> difference.

its definitely rescue.  It starts up N *directory traversals* rather than
N compiles in the *same* directory.  I looked at this the last time rescue
was borked and was positive it was the FOREACH in there peeling off N
items in a loop, but everyone told me I'm wrong.  Guess I'll have to put
some debugging echoes in there next time I get bored :)

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