AMD Opteron Server

jhinkle at jhinkle at
Thu Jan 15 11:43:46 PST 2004

we have done the same thing - dual option works fine - however top may not
show you both cpus even though smp is actually using them.

we have run into problem on getting it to see the drives as one drive -
working through it now -will advise - please do the same if you are
successful with it.  I am using 1640 card on tyan motherboard.

we are using 5.1 current though.

> Hey guys,
> We are building up a new server all the parts have been ordered ;o) here
> is a break down of what we ordered
> Western Digtial Raptor SATA 10K rpm Drives,
> Highpoint SATA Card.
> MSI K8D Mobo ;o)
> Opteron 2way
> We are thinking of installing FreeBSD 5.2, was just wandering if there is
> any big problems that you can think of??
> I have looked around and the only problem I can see is the SATA interface.
> We will be running RealServer 8.02 on there aswell, has anyone tried that
> b4?
> Cheers
> Jon
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