Redefinition of EAI_NODATA in /usr/include/netdb.h

Ted Lindgreen ted at
Thu Jan 15 02:27:35 PST 2004


During the preparation for a interoperability workshop for RFC2535bis
(DNSSEC) between BIND and NSD at RIPE we got bitten by a redefinition
of EAI_NODATA in /usr/include/netdb.h in 5.2-Current.

In /usr/include/netdb.h we find:

    #define EAI_MEMORY       6      /* memory allocation failure */
    #if 0
    /* obsoleted */
    #define EAI_NODATA       7      /* no address associated with hostname */
    #define EAI_NONAME       8      /* hostname nor servname provided, or not known */
    #define EAI_NODATA      EAI_NONAME      /* to be removed on 23 Apr 2004 */

According to the RCS-log of /usr/include/netdb.h this change was made:

  revision 1.28
  date: 2003/10/23 17:54:17;  author: ume;  state: Exp;  lines: +1 -0
  workaround to have backward compatibility for EAI_NODATA.
  it will be removed on 23 Apr 2004.

  Submitted by:   terry

I have read various contributions on the mailing-lists about this
change, but found no compelling arguments to change the standard
include file netdb.h this way.

In other words: We think that this a the wrong change at the wrong
place, and should be removed ASAP instead of on 23 Apr 2004.

A PR about this has also been filed by ISC (Mark Andrews):
  Problem Report bin/61369

-- ted (NLnet Labs)

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