acpi S4 resume partition

toxa postfix at
Wed Jan 14 16:52:52 PST 2004

> You might have to wait a while for it to finish resuming.  My dell laptop
> takes about 50 seconds to a minute to fully come back after an S3 resume.
> seems to be hung during that minute as the disk doesn't do anything, but
> does eventually come back if I wait long enough.

No, my vaio laptop is not. led coming back, and so's dvd-drive but console
not responsing, network is down, and hardware reboot required.
Honestly, I can't see any practice in killing X (with all my windows),
kldunloading everything, suspending, and waiting for about 1-2 mins to
wakeup :-))
so shutdown -h now is my destiny for next years :)

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