simplifying linux_emul_convpath()

Harti Brandt brandt at
Wed Jan 14 13:41:04 PST 2004

On Wed, 14 Jan 2004, Don Lewis wrote:

DL>On 14 Jan, Robert Watson wrote:
DL>> ino_t probably does need to get bumped to 64-bit on FreeBSD at some point,
DL>> because at some point we will have a local file system that can usefully
DL>> represent more than 2 billion files.  I assume we didn't do the bump with
DL>> UFS2 because of the potential disruption for applications, etc.
DL>We'd have a heck of a time fsck'ing such a file system on a 32 bit

If, as a user, I could select between a fast fsck and backups that don't
have random filenames linked to each other and lost files, I'd select the
good backups.

But that's just my opinion :-)

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