Question on quieting kernel boot

Rob MacGregor rob_macgregor at
Wed Jan 14 05:34:38 PST 2004

>From: Marco Wertejuk <wertejuk at>
>in my opinion it would be useful, I was indeed already looking
>for sth. like that but haven't found anything and I had not
>enough time to find a solution by myself (like modifying
>scripts etc.) so this idea went away.
>Having multiple switches would be nice, like these:
>- completely silent kernel
>- only error output
>- short listing of found devices (i.e:
>found PCI devices: pcib1, pci1, cbb0, fxp0,...
>found USB decices: ugen0, ubt0 ...)
>- normal output
>The same switches would be nice for rc scripts but it's
>probably some work, although this seems easier than
>the kernel stuff ;)

Well, in that case...

Can somebody point me to good documentation on the kernel boot process 
(particularly what parts of the source tree makes the file 
/boot/kernel/kernel).  I'll then start looking at how to, cleanly and 
safely, provide a tunable boot verbosity (with the default being fully 

Assuming I eventually get that working I'll then look to the rc script side 
of things to seeing if, sensibly, similar functionality can be included.

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