FreeBSD CVS Question (answered!)

Garance A Drosihn drosih at
Tue Jan 13 17:30:36 PST 2004

At 4:46 PM -0800 1/13/04, John Kennedy wrote:
>  > From: Garance A Drosihn <drosih at>
>  > It depends on what you mean by "a local CVS checkout".  On the
>>  machines which are doing a CVS checkout, how are they getting
>>  to your local copy of the CVS repository?  If that repository
>>  is NFS-mounted, then you are probably in good shape.  If your
>>  machines are doing a CVS checkout over RSH or SSH, then your
>>  server may be doing a LOT more work than you realize.
>   Right now it is just on the same machine.  You're right that
>SSH would probably involve extra overhead such as the encryption
>(at least for SSH).

That is not the problem.  The problem is how CVS itself works
with a remote repository.  If you're on machine A, and the
repository is on machine B, then CVS will build a lot of
information in /tmp on machine B when machine 'A' does a
cvs-checkout of the entire tree.  The issue is the same if
you do that over 'rsh' instead of 'ssh'.  I do not mind the
overhead from encrypting the connection.

This is not much of an issue for small repositories, but it
becomes a major issue when working with a repository as large
as those for freebsd src or ports.  I have nearly crashed
servers by doing a cvs-checkout of the freebsd repository,
because the server-machine ran out of disk space.

It is *much* cheaper if the server is giving out the repository
via cvsup, instead of cvs clients.

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