booking new kernel (5.2) in old userland (5.1) to multiuser?

Max Laier max at
Tue Jan 13 15:26:13 PST 2004

On Tuesday 13 January 2004 21:56, Jev wrote:
> I need to do a remote installworld and I would like to see if anyone has
> had issues with booting (remotely or other) a new 5.2-RELEASE kernel and
>   friends in an old 5.1 userland?
> Any issues with this? any extra precautions that can be taken? Serial
> console and such isn't an option.

You should _really_ read UPDATING point-by-point before you do this. Esp. 
20031112 "the statfs change" will affect what you have in mind. Make sure that 
you have "COMPAT_FREEBSD4" in your new kernel and keep your fingers crossed.

Good luck.

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