FreeBSD CVS Question

John Kennedy jk at
Tue Jan 13 14:56:41 PST 2004

  With 5.x stabilizing, I'm looking at having multiple FreeBSD trees in
play again and I'm trying to optimize my bandwidth.

  Rather than hit the FreeBSD servers with multiple machines cvsuping
4.x and 5.x, I'm almost finished a scheme to cvsup the CVS sources and
then do a local CVS checkout with the appropriate branch of FreeBSD.

  Right now, this seems like a total win because I have a narrow pipe out
to the big internet and fat pipe locally.  Bandwidth-wise, the incremental
diffs are probably no more than it would take to mirror each branch anyway,
and using it as a local CVS server means that all the rest of the traffic
stays local (less work on the FreeBSD servers, faster response for me,
win-win for everything except empty disk space).  (:

  I've actually got the cvsup working and I can checkout and update the
trees as I need to, but the only thing that seems to be wrong is the
version IDs when the files get checkout out of RCS/CVS ("$FreeBSD$").  I'm
assuming that is because FreeBSD has hacked up a copy of RCS and changed
some of the names.

  Are those changes documented anywhere so I can mimic them as well?

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