audio cd problems

sos at sos at
Tue Jan 13 13:27:57 PST 2004

It seems Evan Dower wrote:
> I will focus on issue #1 of CDs taking a long time to show up.
> Preliminary testing shows mixed results with
> FreeBSD 5.1-CURRENT (CUSTOM) #0: Tue Jan 13 05:48:16 PST 2004
> (cvsup'd early this morning, built at the time shown above, world installed 
> less than an hour ago, should this be 5.2-CURRENT?). Sometimes CDs become 
> visible within a minute, other times I get (same as when I don't have a CD 
> in the drive):
> % cdcontrol -f /dev/acd0 info
> cdcontrol: getting toc header: Input/output error
> % grip
> Error: Failed to read disc contents
> Error: Failed to read disc contents
> for several minutes. Sometimes I eject and reinsert to try again, sometimes 
> I just walk away for a while and hope it shows up by the time I get back.
> There are no messages on the console about this.

Your drive cant read the TOC off the media, causing things to stall as it
wont respond to requests for disk access until it has decided whats in
there. Does the activity LED flash on the drive ? does it make seek noise ?

                     Yes I know it works under windows!!

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