Stefan Walter sw at
Tue Jan 13 11:54:06 PST 2004

kitsune, 13.01.04, 18:20h CET:

> Well after looking at it, I really can't thing of any reason DRI would not
> work based on dmesg... it finds the agp and the drm, so as long as X is setup
> right, it should work. What I would be suspect of is X config. Not sure why, but
> if I set the agp speed higher than 2x, it would freeze, after I used opengl for
> a bit. I would try messing with the options for that card in the X config and
> see if any of those are suspect.

I doubt it's the X configuration; see [1] - I don't see anything special
in it, and the BIOS settings aren't aggressive at all, either.

Pav Lucistnik said in another mail that he's having the same problem,
and that it used to work somewhere before 5.1-CURRENT. I can't comment
on the latter, of course, as I got this board yesterday only.



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