Status reports - why not regularly?

Rahul Siddharthan rsidd at
Tue Jan 13 10:36:03 PST 2004

Dag-Erling Smorgrav wrote:
> You can't expect them to take the initiative in submitting information
> for the status reports.  Experience shows that they will be
> enthusiastic about your undertaking for about three minutes and then
> forget about it.
> You can however expect them to answer questions about their work if
> you can't figure things out on your own.

And having obtained the answers, may I suggest a site to post them at:

This, together with, is one of the most informative sites
about fresh developments in the linux kernel; but also
covers the BSDs.  So no need to reinvent the wheel; if the FreeBSD
contributions to kerneltrap can be increased just a bit, it would be a
very useful archive (in fact it already is).


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