Signal 6's with ruby apps such as portupgrade and pkg

Doug White dwhite at
Tue Jan 13 09:11:36 PST 2004

On Tue, 13 Jan 2004, Edwin Culp wrote:

> > 	I renamed it, tried, and it didn't work. I went to
> > look, and
> > there was a pkgdb.db from 4 days ago there?! So I
> > deleted it, and now it
> > seems to work!
> Tux,
> mine is now working thanks to a lot suggestions from
> folks here and on the questions list that have had
> similar problems.

Something else you might be tripping over is a change to the statfs system
call prior to 5.2. This is particularly important if you haven't been
following -current.  You need to rebuild anything using statfs or you'll
have wierd failures.  In your case it apears to be a corrupted db but if
you're having other wierd problems, try rebuilding the affected apps.

> The two significant things that I've done are to link
> malloc.conf to aj
> ln -s aj /etc/malloc.conf

This turns off the fatal flag and the filling of memory before use.  The J
option in particular will improve performance.

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