5.2-CURRENT panic on startup after cvsup: probably recent ATA

sos at deepcore.dk sos at deepcore.dk
Tue Jan 13 08:54:35 PST 2004

It seems Randy Bush wrote:
> >> 5.2-RELEASE mini ISO has generally same boot crash on thinkpad t40p
> >>     ^^^^^^^
> > my vaio v505bx last succesfull buildkernel was 2/01. So  such nasty things
> > with ata were probably happened on prevoius week.
> > so sad...
> i think we should demand a full refund :-)

Yeah, please do that :)

Anyhow some changes just went into -current yesterday, but 5.2-R hasn't
had any ATA stuff by me in quite some time, so any problems there are
not new, just either unknown or found too late to fix..

I'll look at the problem in -current, looks like I need yet another
workarounf for borken HW :(

                     Yes I know it works under windows!!

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