Status reports - why not regularly?

Mark Linimon linimon at
Tue Jan 13 06:54:55 PST 2004

> That's quite a problem, because how can we inform normal users about new
> features that will be included, if developers don't tell "anyobody" they
> are working on those features?

Well, you can't; but, if you go down this direction, you'll never
even get started on writing a report.

It's impossible for the reports to be complete and comprehensive.
What they ought to do is start out by being quick and very, very,
regular.  Once that happens more developers are likely to start
sending in information.

The error in the previous attempt may have been "we'll hold
publication until we hear back from project x, y, and z".  It
should be the other way around -- if x, y, and z want to get
their information out there, the burden should be on them.

Also, the previous attempt tried to include a paragraph about
every project every month.  If there's no report, there's no
reason to try to spend time trying to make the developers submit
one, and then trying to edit that up for consistency with the others.

All just IMHO: quick and often are going to trump slow and


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