core-dumping over NFS

Mikhail Teterin mi at
Mon Jan 12 07:01:49 PST 2004


I've observed the following bad behaviour of -current mostly related
to dumping core of a buggy program over the NFS.

	. 5.2-CURRENT (Dec 14) client, Solaris-8 server:
		created core file is empty (zero sized).

	. 5.2-CURRENT (Dec 14) server, RedHat-9 client:
		core is created properly, but sometimes the server goes
		into a frenzy with the sys-component (bufdaemon) taking
		up the entire 100% of the CPU-time (P4 at 2GHz); it only
		writes @4Mb/s (~14% of the disk's bandwidth) and the
		only cure is to restart the /etc/rc.d/nfsd; trying to,
		for example, switch from X11 to a textual console, when
		this is happening reliably hangs the machine.

	. 5.2-CURRENT (Dec 14) server, 5.2-RC2 (Jan 10) client:
		dumps happen normally with rw-mounts, but mounting the
		FS read-only (so as to prevent core-dumps) leads to a
		panic on the client...

The mounts are regular and default (v3?), except for the ``intr'' flag.
No rpc.lock or anything...

Any comments?


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